Modified Coupe


The Modified Coupe has the firewall and floor molded as one piece with the body, just like our roadster bodies, and a ’34 style cowl. It features HUGE suicide hung doors that offer ease of entry, bear-claw latches and billet aluminum hinges with integral door stop. Power windows are also available for $650 installed. The body comes complete with full steel reinforcing, steering column drop (if ordered) and mounts for a Wilwood swing style brake pedal with dual master cylinders.

We offer two one-piece tilt hoods for the coupe. One has a track nose style grill opening and the other is a ’33 Ford style. There are also three dash options, a ’32 Ford style inset oval, flat, and a flat dash with a lower inset panel, perfect for AC controls.

Check out how customers have finished their Modified Coupes in the Modified Coupe Photo Gallery.