’27 Roadster Body


Our ’27 Roadster body features a firewall and floor molded as one piece with the body. The doors have been suicided and come with a complete inner panel, hidden hinges and “Bear Claw” latches. In addition, the reveal has been removed for a smoother look, and they are overlapping for a good weather strip seal. Sort of like putting a Model “A” door on a “T”.

The body comes complete with full steel reinforcing, steering column drop (if ordered) and mounts for a Wilwood swing style brake pedal with dual master cylinders. The convenience of doors that are 4″ wider can’t be beat, and the recessed floor allows you to sit way down in this little car.

We offer a one-piece tilt hood for the ’27 Roadster that has a ’29 style grill shell opening. We also have two grill shell options, ’29 or track nose style, if you prefer the open engine look. There are also two different dashes available, one is flat and the other has a ’32 Ford style inset oval. We cast our own windshield posts from silicone bronze, and also offer a top bow and header kit for this car.

Check out the various ways customers have finished their ’27 Roadsters in the ’27 Roadster Photo Gallery.