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Free Shipping on orders over $199+. Learn More!

1927 Zipper Modified Roadster

The Modified Roadster utilizes original Zipper Motors molds and incorporates hand-laid, Performance Marine Technology, paired with steel reinforcement, providing our composite bodies an unmatched level of durability and strength. 

The Modified Roadster utilizes the same interior dimensions as the 27 Roadster and includes larger flush mount suicide doors. The firewall, floor and body structure are molded in one piece adding overall strength. The doors are hung and latched with bear-claw latches and billet aluminum hinges with an integral door stop. The forward body structure includes a 1933 style cowl that accommodates a flat windshield or a new 2-piece windshield with 3-piece bronze posts.

The body comes complete with full steel reinforcing and mounts for a swing style brake pedal with dual master cylinders. A top bow and header kit is also available.

There are front end and dash options for the Modified Roadster and Modified Coupe available. These options include two hood and grill shell designs of a track nose style grill opening or a 1933 Ford style slant grill. We offer a flat faced dash that accommodates a wide variety of gauge packages and a 1932 Ford oval style with these bodies.

The Zipper Modified Roadster is available in our Fabricator and Good Start packages, that can include individual components, full body kits, assembled bodies, or equipped with one of our chassis options. Full car packages and complete turn-key builds are available upon request.