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Free Shipping on orders over $199+. Learn More!

1932 Zipper Roadster

At Zipper Motors we pride ourselves on providing quality products and exceptional customer experience. We are excited to reintroduce the Zipper Deuce, bringing back 30 years of Daryl Zipp's creation. The Zipper Deuce Roadster utilizes original Zipper Motors molds and incorporates Performance Marine Technology, paired with steel reinforcement, providing our composite bodies an unmatched level of durability and strength. 


The Zipper Roadster is available in individual components, full body kits, assembled bodies, or equipped with one of our chassis options. Full car packages and complete turn-key builds are available upon request, in the full fender or open-wheel design. Roadster Pickup, Vicky, and Roadster models have optional Ford 32 or 33 front hood and grille shell. 


Available Zipper Deuce components include: 


  • Roadster body with floorplate and firewall
  • Door panels hung and latched
  • Trunk lid hung and latched
  • Hood assembly
    • 32 Hood / Smooth top
    • 32 Hood / Ridgetop
    • 32 Vented hood sides
    • 32 Flat hood sides
    • 32 Grille shell
    • 33 Hood / Smooth
    • 33 Flat hood side
    • 33 Grille shell
  • Classic 32 dashboard
  • Flat dashboard
  • Front and rear fender and running boards
  • Zipper removable roof


Project Starters

Check out our rolling chassis and bodies that we have in stock to give you a head start on your build.