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Free Shipping on orders over $199+. Learn More!

1932 Zipper Vicky

Like our Zipper Roadster, we are excited to reintroduce the Zipper Vicky Roadster. The Vicky Roadster has had limited production over the years with Zipp's focus on the Roadster.  We aim to change this history with new improvements to the design and style.

As in all Zipper Motors body structures we incorporate hand laid Performance Marine Technology, paired with steel reinforcement, providing our composite bodies an unmatched level of durability and strength. New for 2024 the Deuce, Vicky and Pickup are available in carbon fiber upon request.

Our desire to provide the ultimate customer experience has led to the introduction of a new redesigned version of the Zipper Vicky Roadster for 2024. The Vicky Roadster includes a new and improved windshield angle increasing visibility. The Vicky is available in stock frame rail dimensions or a stretch and pinched front end. Additional improvements include a new door hinge design.

The Vicky Roadster body structure is molded in one piece and bonded with a floor plate and firewall. The doors are hung and latched. The doors include bear-claw latches and stainless-steel hinges. The forward body structure has a hidden cowl that accommodates a slanted back curved windshield. An optional Duvall style 2-piece windshield is available upon request. The body comes complete with full steel reinforcing and dash mounts.

There are many options available to customize your Vicky Roadster. Options include smooth or scallop hood sides, stock frame dimensions or pinched and stretch version, traditional Zipper round roof, and dash options available. These options include two hood and grill shell designs of a 1932 traditional grill or a 1933 Ford style slant grill each with full fender or open wheel capability. We offer two dash options, a flat faced dash that accommodates a wide variety of gauge packages or a 1932 Ford oval dash. Each of the dash options include a lower inset panel, perfect for feature controls.


The Zipper Vicky Roadster is available in our Fabricator and Good Start packages, that can include individual components, full body kits, assembled bodies, or equipped with one of our chassis options. Full car packages and complete turn-key builds are available upon request. Visit our online store for parts and accessories.