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Free Shipping on orders over $199+. Learn More!

28 - 34 Traditional Wishbone Plain Front End Kit

Original price $1,544.99 - Original price $1,574.99
Original price
$1,544.99 - $1,574.99
Current price $1,544.99
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Original styled Hot Rod front end kit. Designed to suit 1928-1934 Ford but may suit other applications. All Steel, unpainted. Select from available options below including axle width, frame tab requirements, and additional add-ons & upgrades!

Our Traditional Wishbone front end kit is a perfect start or refresh for any early hot rod. This kit is made using all the right components for that original look and all of the highest quality on the market; including our 1932 type wishbones with tie rod ends, early type shackles with castle nuts, traditional spring without plastic inserts, blind hole steering arms, and dropped tie rod ends.

We understand that each car build is different and sometimes you just want or need something special. We have listed a few available options on this page to select from but there are hundreds of combinations we can offer. If you need more options or just want to talk it over with someone give us a call and ask how we can build the right front end package for your application.

Steering arm bolts are pictured for assembly purposes only and are not included in this kit. Each brake kit requires different steering arm bolts and should be purchased at time of installing brakes. For mock up purposes, we recomend using 1/2"-20 x 1" socket cap bolts.

All front end kits are shipped un-assembled to reduce freight costs.



1 (ONE) 4" Drop Forged Steel I-Beam Axle
1 (ONE) Pair Traditional Steel Shackles
1 (ONE) Pair Forged Steel Spindles
1 (ONE) Pair Steel Fixed Perches
1 (ONE) Steel King Pin Kit Fitted
1 (ONE) Pair Blind Hole Steering Arms
1 (ONE) Reversed Eye Button Stack Spring
1 (ONE) Set Split Wishbones with Tie Rod Ends
1 (ONE) Tie Rod Kit with Dropped Ends
1 (ONE) Weld on Frame Bracket Mounting Set


Heavy or bulky items will need to be picked up or shipped freight. Freight costs will be calculated at time of shipment.