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Free Shipping on orders over $199+. Learn More!

Set of 4 Early Style 1932 Ford Hood Latches Polished

Original price $164.99 - Original price $164.99
Original price
$164.99 - $164.99
Current price $164.99
This is not an exact replica of the original. Changes were made during tooling for a cleaner and improved design. See below for exact details.

Although these hood latches may appear original to the untrained eye, slight modifications were made during tooling for an improved design. A polished smooth, investment cast stainless steel handle replaces the original stamped design that would dig into your finger when using. The handles are fastened to the powder coat bodies with even further attention to detail by keeping all the rivet heads facing the front of the car once installed. Finally, a domed style base (See picture 2), really takes these latches to the next level from originals that just had a big notch in the bottom. Made to the highest quality standards, these hood latches are a truly excellent design that will last for years.

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