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Currie Universal 9-inch Hot Rod Housing And Axle Package

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Currie 9-inch, Universal Hot Rod Housing and Axle Packages are built with the housing cented between the wheels for a symetrical apperance, and feature 3-inch diameter axle tubes with Torino style large bearing housing ends. Axles are Currie Performance 31 or 35-spline, with selected wheel bolt pattern, and include wheel bearings, and heavy-duty 1/4 inch thick bearing retainer plates. Suspension and shock mounting brackets are not included.


  • 100% New Currie Hot Rod Housing
  • Rearend is Housing Centered for a Symmetrical Appearance
  • Available in 55, 56, 57, or 58-inch Overall Width
  • Choice of 31 or 35-Spline Currie Performance Axles
  • Choice of Wheel Bolt Pattern
  • 5 x 4.5 and 5 x 4.75 with 1/2 and 7/16-Inch Studs
  • 5 x 5.0 with 1/2-inch studs
  • Tapered Bearings Pressed on Axles with Heavy-Duty Retainer Plates
  • Wheel Studs are Shipped Loose
  • Suspension Brackets and Shock Mounts Sold Separately

    Included Standard Features

    Currie Hot Rod Housing - Classic round back looks in a new, American-made housing, that features 3-inch diameter axle tubes, and CNC machined face flange, for a flat, leak-free seal - all joined together with strong, attractive welds

    Billet Housing Ends - Currie billet late model Ford Torino large bearing housing ends are CNC machined for accuracy and feature provisions for internal or external axle oil seals

    Alloy Axles - Currie Performance 31 or 35-spline 1541 alloy axles with selected bolt patterns and tapered axle bearings. Dual-pattern axles include both 1/2 and 7/16-inch studs, single-pattern include 1/2-inch studs. Studs are shipped loose

    Bearing Retainers - Heavy-duty retainers assure positive bearing retention and full seal engagement for long trouble and leak-free service life.


    Mounting Brackets - Universal 9-inch rearends do not include vehicle specific suspension or shock mounting brackets

    Aftermarket Brakes - Currie crate rearends conform to the ABCS (Aftermarket Brake Configuration Standard). ABCS brakes use a 2.5-inch brake space, late-model big bearing Ford housing ends, and a 2.80 center hole in the drum or rotor

    Axle Bearings - Includes Set20 tapered axle bearings. Bearings are pressed on to the axles

    Wheel Bolt Pattern - Axles are dual-pattern with 5 on 4.5 and 5 on 4.75-inch or single-pattern with 5 on 5.0-inch wheel bolt pattern

    Wheel Studs - Dual-pattern axles ncludes one set each of 1/2-inch and 7/16-inch wheel studs. Sinlge-patern axles include one set of 1/2-inch studs. Studs are shipped loose


    Housing: Currie Hot Rod 9-inch round back housing with 3-inch diameter x .188 wall DOM tube
    Axles: Currie Performance 1541, 31 or 35-spline axles
    Housing Ends: Billet Torino style, late model large bearing
    Axle Bearings: Set 20 Tapered roller bearing
    Bearing Retainers: .250 thick heavy-duty plates
    Wheel Bolt Pattern: Dual-pattern 5 x4.5 and 5 x 4.75-inch or single-pattern 5 x 5.0-inch
    Brake Space: 2.5-inch (axle standoff)
    Fluid Capacity: 3 quarts of 85w-140, non-synthetic (API GL-6 rated only)


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