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The Story of the 1932 Zipper Roadster, the "Silver Fox"

The Story of the 1932 Zipper Roadster, the "Silver Fox"

At Zipper Motors we have the privilege of sharing the extraordinary journey of our prized possession, the awe-inspiring 1932 Zipper Roadster known as the "Silver Fox." This remarkable car has captured the hearts of classic car enthusiasts and beyond. 


The 32 Zipper Roadster was designed by Darrel Zipp in 1992, 60 years after the Ford Deuce was released. The Zipper Roadster offers unique features such as an extended passenger area providing increased leg room, doors extended 6 inches for easy access, the front cowl was removed, and the hood and hood sides were extended to meet the doors. The windshield was removed, and a frameless curved windshield was added. The interior of the body structure included a steel frame support creating a strong cage surrounding the passenger compartment. The floor pan and fire wall incorporate a rib design that offer strength to the overall car design.

 The Story of the "Silver Fox"

“On the morning of September 15. 2021 we began production of the 32 Zipper Roadster.  At 6:02 in the morning we were getting ready to start the composite layup on the body, and in the door of the glass booth appeared a fox.  He looked at us and then looked around the booth. Then walked out into the yard.  We followed him out and noticed that he was silver in color and very neat looking.  He had red/orange paws and the top of his head and ears were the same. I took a few pictures of him and then he disappeared through the fence.” – Rick Egelin, Owner, Zipper Motors


When it came time to select the paint color for the car, we remembered the Silver Fox. The colors were matched to the photos taken of the fox on that September morning.  The Zipper has a dark crystal Grey frame a lower body fade to a brilliant silver on the main body of the car. Above the body line offers a medium grey metallic that extends over the roof. The interior is a mild saddle with an orange hint representing the paws and ears.


The building of the 32 Zipper Roadster posed several challenges from the beginning. The master mind Zipp designed a great roadster, however there was no documentation on the process or the components of the cars design. We moved forward without this valuable information, taking each piece one at a time as we developed a new process and new components. We started off by adding a newly designed chassis that improved the car’s overall performance.  By the end of the build, we had accomplished several improvements that will take the Zipper Roadster to a new level. Using our design team, we have recreated and improved components such as door hinges, hood side supports, radiator shroud, fuel storage, support structure, increased the windshield angle for improved vision and reconstructed the entire roadster body molds.  Additionally, most of the brackets throughout the car were redesigned.


To increase structural strength and help with noise reduction we utilized marine grade technology including balsa wood floors.  The body and components are 100% hand laid.  The bodies sleek design and signature features stand out when in the presence of a traditional 32 roadster.  The sloped curved windshield and the full-length hood design are very prominent and let everyone know a Zipper has arrived.


Regarding the technical specifications, the Silver Fox includes a 350 Chevy with 410hp and a 700R4 transmission.  We moved the independent front suspension forward 2 inches to improve the handling, with a 9inch Currie rear end, Aldan American coil over shocks and a chrome 4 bar system. The car has a lowered stance with Riddler wheels and Michelin tires.


The "Silver Fox" embodies the essence of a true hot rod—a masterpiece of design, engineering, and craftsmanship that stands as a testament to the golden era of automotive excellence. Its exceptional build, striking aesthetics, and outstanding performance have rightfully earned it a place among the hearts of classic car enthusiasts. As proud custodians of this illustrious 1932 Zipper Roadster, we invite you to revel in the allure of the "Silver Fox" and celebrate its timeless beauty.


Interested in seeing the Silver Fox live? Come visit us at these upcoming events to bask in its beauty and learn more. We can’t wait to see you there!

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